Direct Response

Paid search is in many ways the perfect tool for direct response marketing.

The Search network gives us our best opportunity to reach new and returning customers right at the point where they are likely to make a purchase.  People picking up their phones, tablets or sitting at their computers to search for products they are interested in are already invested in the purchase process.  In this respect, the Search network is the ideal Direct Response tool.

We might also recommend running ads on the Display network.  Ads here can drive sales, but it is also useful for branding and awareness purposes.  Here, we can run high quality Image ads, which give us more ability to show the look and feel of the brand.  The Display network naturally delivers much lower Click-Through-Rates than the Search network, because the intent is slightly different.  People using the Search network are likely to click on our ads as we are providing them with what they are looking for in that precise moment.  The Display network picks up clicks on a more residual basis where people are looking at relevant content.  This is also Pay Per Click so we only pay when people actually click on our ads.  By running high quality ads across the Display network we effectively run a branding campaign by showing ads to a large number of people.

Ask us about other targeting options such as Remarketing, Product Listing Ads (Shopping) and get your Paid Search journey started.